Customer invoices

Whoever you want to send to and regardless of the format, we offer a simple and efficient way to manage your outgoing invoices.

Our service takes care of all your outgoing invoices and ensures that they reach the recipient in the way they want and can receive them, e-invoice, PDF via email or distribution via post. From day one, we digitize and streamline your handling while proactively working towards more efficient invoice formats and further efficiency.

Maybe a customer would rather receive an EDI invoice but you can't? Your customer probably means e-invoice but says EDI. Let us help you.

manage outgoing invoices

E-invoice – Best for you and your customers

Simplify for both yourself and your customers by sending e-invoices. In addition to the fact that since April 2019 in Sweden there is a law on sending e-invoices to the public sector, we also see today that e-invoicing is increasingly a requirement in procurements. Although e-invoicing has a transaction cost, it is cost-saving for the entire organization as it streamlines administration.

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Print service – An unnecessary job we do for you at a lower cost

Although digital formats are increasing, companies need to send both invoices and other information by post. By using our service, you don't have to spend time on printing, envelopes, postal delivery, etc. and it's also cheaper than doing it yourself.

With our print service, you reach your recipient's physical mailboxes with a couple of clicks. Regardless of what you want to send: Invoices, information letters, salary specifications, advertising.

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