Secure Digital Communication

SDC (Secure Digital Communication) is a safe way to exchange sensitive and classified information between counties, regions, national authorities and other publicly funded actors. It is a safe option for faxes and regular letters.

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Approved access point operator within SDC

Crediflow is an approved platform access point operator. Our access point is a cloud-based service where we are responsible for operation, maintenance, updates, updates according to DIGG's requirements and guidelines.

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What is SDC (Secure Digital Communication)?

Every day, amounts of information are sent between actors in the public sector, in the handling of cases and decisions. It often involves classified information such as care plans, treatment plans, assessments of work ability and extracts from the employment register. In the absence of safer alternatives, faxes or ordinary letters are often used, especially in health care, schools and social services.

Secure digital communication is a digital infrastructure that enables municipalities, regions, government agencies and other publicly funded actors to exchange sensitive and classified information digitally in a safe, simple and secure way.

Messages sent via Secure digital communication may contain free text and attachments in pdf format. The messages are addressed to functional addresses, for example to a certain unit in a nursing home or a department in a hospital. It is not possible to send messages to individuals.

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Secure digital communication contributes to the following benefit

Reduced reliance on faxes and regular letters for the transmission of sensitive information.

Security by not disseminating sensitive information to unauthorized persons.

Possibility of the same traceability regardless of which business sends the information.

Faster processing and decisions.

How does Secure Digital Communication work?

Secure digital communication is a digital infrastructure without its own user interface. Users create and receive messages in the organization's existing on-premises system.

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The addresses are managed in the SDC Address book

In order to be able to send and receive messages via SDC, the addresses of both sender and receiver need to be registered in the SDC address book. Each organization is responsible for appointing administrators who update their own organization's function addresses in the SDC Address Book and assign authorization to the people who should be able to send and read messages.

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The SDC is provided by Inera and Digg

The organizations that connect to the SDC are organized in a so-called federation. A federation is a network where the participating organizations agree on common rules of the game in technology and information security and can therefore exchange information with each other. Inera is a so-called federation owner and is responsible for approving the software of the organizations that connect to the SDC. Digg is responsible for approving the connections of the local systems to the common SDC infrastructure.