E-invoice, EDI and/or PEPPOL?

Do all these words seem complicated and confusing? Maybe your supplier has asked to send an EDI invoice for you? Your customer probably means e-invoice but says EDI. Let us help you, forget all the buzzwords and formats and focus on your business instead!

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For incoming invoices, we adapt according to your supplier's possibilities, we handles the conversion of formats as well validates information that is important to you. You'll receive all invoices standardised regardless of how the suppliers sent them.

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We are active members of OPENPEPPOL and provide Access point and acts as SMP register for our customers.

We help you with all questions about Peppol.

Peppol makes it possible for trading partners to exchange standards-based electronic document of the Peppol network that is based on a 4-corner model.


We offer a complete solution for EDI regardless of whether you want to send or receive EDI messages.

No double registration on any external website is needed.