Check invoice data and teach the system to be more efficient

CrossState eVoyce is a self-learning system, which means that you do not have to spend time creating templates for how invoices should be interpreted and that the interpretation becomes more secure as invoices are handled.

Control invoice data more efficiently

In the beginning, the system will ask you to check fields that the application is unsure about or manually add information if the uncertainty makes it not want to suggest a value. When the check is done, knowledge is created about how the invoice should be handled next time. As knowledge is built and used, the service becomes more secure and control is reduced to the point where you only give an OK to the invoice with the push of a button.

The control ensures that the data delivered to your next system is always correct and that the application learns, gets better and saves you time.

If you want to do the check yourself, you get a login and training in our system, otherwise you let us handle the work.

We can also divide your flow so that, for example, we handle your cost invoices while you check goods invoices with orders and items that are to be linked to purchases or vice versa.

We are flexible according to how you want it.

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Invoice control